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Religious Beliefs

Bible- Sacred text

The holy text used by Christians. It is includes Hebrew Scripture (Old Testament), Christian Scripture (New Testament). Some faith groups also include a group of writings called the Apocrypha. The word originated in the Greek word "biblos," which means "book." The Greek word came from the ancient Phoenician port city of Byblos (now Jubayl in Lebanon).

The sacred writings of the Christian religions; "he went to carry the Word to the heathen" . A book regarded as authoritative in its field. (Princeton)

A collection of scripture, from the Greek word Biblia [CE], meaning "books". May include only the Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures of Judaism or may also include the Greek scriptures of Christianity [New Testament [CE]]. Christian bibles vary as to the number of books [Biblical Canon [CE]] they contain and the sequence in which the individual books are presented.(AOL)

The primary source for the Christian faith. Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox Bibles are made up of the Old Testament, which tells the faith history of ancient Israel until the building of its second temple; the Apocrypha, which tells the political history of Israel to the time of the Romans; and the New Testament, which tells the story of Jesus Christ and how he fulfilled Godís promises to Israel, its prophets and its kings by dying for the sins of the people and then rising. (Partial Observer)