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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Deity - A deity or a god, is a postulated preternatural being, usually, but not always, of significant power, worshipped, thought holy, divine, or sacred, held in high regard, or respected by human beings. They assume a variety of forms, but are frequently depicted as having human or animal form. Sometimes it is considered blasphemous to imagine the deity as having any concrete form. They are usually immortal. (wikipedia)

A god, goddess or other divine entity.

The essential nature of God. It is blasphemous and idolatrous to use the word "deity" in reference to a mere creature, such as Mary, the mother of Jesus. "The deity of Christ" is a term that indicates that Christ's nature is divine from all eternity, although he took on human nature at his incarnation - while still retaining his deity (John 1:1,14,18). This use of the term is not blasphemous for it is not the attempt to make a creature the Creator or a mere man God. (Answering Islam).