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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Druids - A religious order. Functions included arbitration, pronouncements on public policy, enchantment and divination. Some druids, such as Merlin, were expert in shapechanging while others, like the prophetess Veleda, were seers. Druid bards (bardoi) specialized in the composition of songs and tales which transmited history and knowledge. (ancuairt)

In the Celtic religion, the word Druid denotes the priestly class in ancient Celtic societies which existed through much of Western Europe north of the Alps and in the British Isles. Druidic practices were part of the culture of all the tribal peoples called Keltoi and Galatai by Greeks and Celtae and Galli by Romans, which evolved into modern English "Celtic" and "Gaulish". (wikipedia) .