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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Gentile - Is a person who is not a Jew or of the Jewish faith. Christians in the early church were both Jew and Gentile. Paul was a Jew as were most of the early church leaders, including Peter, James, John and Barnabas. However, Luke and others who were recruited by Paul were Gentiles. Paul believed that Judaism was not a separate religion, but a moral law or code by which people lived. One could be both a Jew and a Christian, as one might be a Stoic as well as a Christian.

The word Gentile has several meanings. In the most common modern use it refers to a non-Jew. The word is derived from the Latin term gens (meaning "clan" or a "group of families") and it is often employed in the plural. In late Latin gentilis meant "pagan", and the term gentile has sometimes been used in the past as a synonym for "heathen" or "pagan"; this usage is archaic. (wikipedia).