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Religious Beliefs

Lutheran -

The Lutheran Church
The Lutheran religion is a Christian worship group that is based on the theological insights of Martin Luther. Martin Luther was a German priest and religious scholar who sought to reform the Catholic Church in the 16th century. Luther attracted followers from all levels of society, and attracted the animosity of the Roman Pope.

Luther and his followers were the beginning of what is known as the Protestant Reformation and a large exodus from the Roman Catholic Church. Lutherans who closely follow the Book of Concord, often refer to themselves as Confessional Lutherans. Lutherans believe that in death Christians are taken to God in Heaven where they await the resurrection of the body and the second coming of Christ. Lutherans believe that faith in Jesus is their salvation. The primary governance of a Lutheran church is usually a board of elders.

The "confessions" or symbolic writings of the Lutheran Church are contained in the Book of Concord. The Book of Concord was initially published in German in 1580 and then subsequently printed in Latin in 1584. The trouble with Lutheran central archives is that Lutheran congregations are autonomous, and control their own records. Some Lutheran churches limit communion, the ritual sharing of bread and wine, to church members.