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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Modernism - Within the Catholic Church, Modernism denotes the attempt of scholars and theologians to bring religious thought into harmony with the scientific findings and secular philosophies of the day. Coming into prominence around the same time as Protestant Liberalism, Catholic Modernism had many of the same goals: to strip religion of its supernatural element and make theology more rational and scientific. Names associated with Catholic Modernism are Alfred Loisy, George Tyrell, and Edward LeRoy.

17th. Century Rationalism culminating by the 1800's in a disbelief in the possibility of the supernatural. Rejection of the Bible as divinely inerrant, and replacing Christianity with modern sciences and altruistic political schemes. Essentially, man as his own savior.

Modernism in the cultural historical sense is generally defined as the new artistic and literary styles that emerged in the decades before 1914 as artists rebelled against the late 19th century norms of depiction and literary form, in an attempt to present what they regarded as an emotionally truer picture of how people really feel and think. (wikipedia).