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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Pagan - A generic term for a number of pre-Christian faiths druids, witches. Pagan faith is linked to locality and to the Earth. (druid network)

This word originally comes from Latin. 'Pagus' means a canton or district, or in other words a parcel of land, usually out in the country. A 'paganus' was one who lived on this parcel of land, usually working it as a farm or performing other rural tasks. 'Paganus' came to mean country folk. As Christianity came to various parts of Europe, the people in the towns and cities were converted, but those in the country were not.

So country folk were non-Christian. Of or pertaining to one of the polytheistic faiths indiginous to Europe. Literally means "country dweller". Unfortunately nowadays, due to extensive media disinformation, the word is being used as a synonym for Wicca. (winterscapes)