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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Reformation - The Protestant Reformation was a movement which emerged in the 16th century as a series of attempts to reform the Roman Catholic Church in Western Europe. The main front of the reformation was started by Martin Luther and his 95 Theses. The reformation ended in division and the establishment of new institutions, most importantly Lutheranism, Reformed churches, and Anabaptists. It also led to the Counter-Reformation within the Roman Catholic Church. (wikipedia)

A Christian movement which was started by Martin Luther in the early 16 th century as an attempt to reform Roman Catholicism. It was joined by Zwingli, Bucer, Calvin and others, and resulted in a complete break with Catholicism. Millions of people died during the resulting religious wars. The reformation led to the fracturing of Christianity into approximately 35,000 faith groups. (Religious Tolerance )

The moral deterioration of the Catholic Church, in particular the popes, resulted in in a call for a religious renewal. The impetus for the Reformation resulted from the Church's sale of indulgences to finance the ambitious plans of the crusaders and the architectural builders of that day. Luther unable to find evidence of God's grace and suspicious of the temporal church sale of indulgences, turned to the bible for guidance and discovered a new faith in God's redeeming virtues . (WIU)