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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Reincarnation - "Re-entering the flesh," describing the process of individual souls experiencing an orderly sequence of lives. Reincarnation provides the means for the soul to mature, and ends when all karmas have been resolved and Self-Realization has been attained. This is known as Moksha or Liberation. himalayan academy)

The idea that our soul lives multiple lifetimes, gaining experience through them. (summerjoy)

Belief shared by both Hindu and Buddhist traditions in which one is reborn after death. Hindus hold that the Atman (soul) is transferred from life to life through reincarnation. (thinkquest)

The doctrine of rebirth. The process of repeated incarnations in human form to allow evolution of the sexless, ageless soul.(magic whispers).

The suggestion that the soul returns after death, to livc another life. The idea of a repeated cycle involving past, present, and future lives until a soul completes it's purpose on earth. (CSGR).