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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Satanism - Historically, the Catholic Church used to label every practice which smacked of magic as Satanism or Black Magic. Unfortunately, a number of bona fide "white" magicians such as Raymond Lull and Nicholas Flamel were caught by this hysteria. However it now seems that there might have been actual Satanic practices going on, centering around the infamous "Black Mass", in which lapsed Catholics poured hatred on their former faith. (JWMT)

Satanism is a religious, semi-religious and/or philosophical movement whose adherents recognize Satan, either as an archetype, literal being, pre-cosmic force, or anything inbetween. Some Satanists celebrate aspects of human nature represented by the usually Christian or literary (Milton, Goethe) Satan archetype. Many Satanists do not worship a deity called Satan or any other deity. (wikipedia)