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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Scripture - The English word for scripture is derived from the Greek word "graphe", which very simply means "writing". Thus the "graphe" (writings) of both testaments, being the books that have been canonized and considered authoratative, form "ta bibla" (The books of the Bible). In each case, the names signify the quality of this particular book, or its uniqueness and singularity. (Cavalry Chapel)

Many religions and spiritual movements hold certain written texts (or series of spoken legends not traditionally written down) to be sacred. Often believing that their sacred texts (or scriptures) are wholly divine or partially inspired in origin, the faithful use titles like 'Word of God' to denote the holy writings. Even non-believers often capitalize the names of sacred scriptures as a mark of respect or of tradition. (wikipedia)

A document or collection of documents containing material that is highly esteemed in the religious community accepting the document(s). Such documents do not stand by themselves but are preserved and interpreted within ongoing religious communities that also have living traditions about worship, belief, and behavior. In late antiquity, Jews and Christians were not alone in esteeming written records of their religion. (BibleText).