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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Theology - Theology is the knowledge of God. It is not a result of studying books or exercising the reason; it is on the one hand a fruit of the knowledge of God and of the personal experience of Him; on the other hand it is the way which leads to the healing of man and the knowledge of God. A theologian is one who has passed through the purification of heart to the illumination of the nous and to theosis. Thus, he has acquired the knowledge of God and speaks about Him in an authentic way. (pelagia).

Theology is derived from the two Greek words (Theos) meaning "God" and (logos) meaning "word." Formally, theology means "the study or science of God." Informally, theology is the means by which God gives us understanding to the things concerning Himself and our relationship to Him. In a broader sense, theology is Christ living out His life in our lives through His Spirit that we may know God as He knows God, and be One with the Father, as He and the Father are One. (Theapologia)

The science of the knowledge of God. Theology seeks to think God's thoughts after Him, insofar as He allows man through the Scripture to enter into His thinking.

The study of religion, culminating in a synthesis or philosophy of religion; also a critical survey of religion, especially of the Christian religion .