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Religious Beliefs

Religious Glossary - common terms used related to Religion

Zen - A school of Mahayana Buddhism that asserts that enlightenment can be attained through meditation, self-contemplation. (Mapexp).

A school or division of Buddhism characterized by techniques designed to produce enlightenment. In particular, Zen emphasizes various sorts of meditative practices, which are supposed to lead the practitioner to a direct insight into the fundamental character of reality (see KU and MOKUSO). (advdojo)

Although there are many meanings for this word, including an organization, an energy, and a style of meditation, it is often associated with a mental state where the intellectual word-brain is quiet. This can be during empty-mind meditation or meditation focused on an experience, feeling, or sense that exists apart from words. (Questikagami).

A style of Buddhism that evolved from the teachings of Bodhidharma, who came to China in the 6th century. Although meditation (zazen) is an important part of the practice of Zen, Zen itself includes every possible form of activity, from martial arts to flower arranging; from landscape gardening to the tea ceremony. (FriendsofHeart)